This page details the bots you will see in our server. Below are the bots you can interact with. There are other bots within the server, but they are strictly for usage by staff or are automatic in their nature. Click here to jump to the passive bots.


Description Judgebot is our main moderation bot. If you receive any warnings or infractions, JudgeBot will be the one to DM you.

Judgebot has a 50-point system. Each infraction gives you points, and points decay over time. Warnings give 5 points. Strikes typically give 10 but can give more in exceptional circumstances.

  • 10 points: 1-hour mute
  • 20 points: 12-hour mute
  • 30 points: 24-hour mute
  • 40 points: 30-day mute
  • 50 points: permanent ban


Prefix: j!


j!selfhistory - Will DM your infraction history. :stop_sign: - Reacting to a message with this emote will alert staff to it. Use it if you see any potentially rule breaking content.


Description: Aura bot will hand out karma to users that earn it. Giving karma is as simple as mentioning (tagging) a user and thanking them in the same message.


Prefix: karma!


karma!explain - Details how the karma system works.

karma!help - Displays help information.

karma!karma - Displays your karma.

karma!leaderboard - Displays the karma leaderboard.

karma!profile - Gives a karma breakdown per channel.

karma!reactions - Details the reactions that Aura can add to messages.


Description: DocsBot can retrieve documentation for discord.js


Prefix: docs!


Description: HangoutBot is a general usage bot, replacing some of the functionality of HotBot.


Prefix: tph!


tph!avatar - View the avatar of a user.

tph!help - Displays help information for the bot or a command.

tph!invite - View the server invite link.

tph!listreminders - List your reminders.

tph!productivemute - Mutes all non-productive channels. (e.g hangout)

tph!remindme - Sets a reminder.

tph!selfmute - Mutes all channels.

tph!serverinfo - Displays server information.

tph!userinfo - Displays info for a user.


Description: Keeper is a bot that allows you to bookmark messages by adding the :bookmark: emote reaction to a message.


Prefix: keeper!




Description: This bot lets you privately contact the staff team. DM it to start a discussion!


Usage: All you need to do is send a message. We'll see any edits you make to your message too!


Description: Mimic is a bot that talks like you! If you opt-in it will save your messages and build markov chains in order to generate sentences that mimic how you and other users type!


Prefix: mimic!


mimic!about - Displays bot information and source link.

mimic!all - Generate a random number of sentences from all opted in user messages!

mimic!allstats - Display statistics for all users

mimic!channels - Lists all channels registered

mimic!help - show all commands or detailed help of one command

mimic!opt-in - Opt-in for your messages to be read.

mimic!opt-out - Opt-out for all messages to be removed.

mimic!rand - Generate a random number of sentences from random user's messages!

mimic!self - Generate a random number of sentences from your own messages!

mimic!start - Provide the start of a sentence and let mimic finish it! Use quotations around your sentence!

mimic!stats - Display statistics of your messages


Description: Polly is our macro bot.


Prefix: ++ or + for a self destructing invocation



++listmacros - Lists all of the available macros

Here are some commonly used macros

++ask - If a user is looking for DMs, waiting for "experts", or anything else to delay asking their question use this.

++beginners - Redirect a user to the beginners channel. Their question has probably been answered there.

++bin - Hastebin links for long code snippets.

++bots - Displays a link to this page.

++cc - Redirect a user to our sister server Controversy Central.

++faq - Displays a link to the FAQ page.

++hire - Redirect a user to #projectlistings or #open-source-contributions.

++how2ask - If a user isn't providing enough detail use this.

++imageofcode - Images of code can be really hard to read, let people know they should post the code as text instead.

++noresearch - Research is an important part of programming. Encourage people to research then ask! Ask them what they found if anything.

++patience - Remind users not to pester others in channels.

++techchoice - If a user is asking between X and Y tech in a general case, use this.

++voice - Inform a user why they cannot see voice channels.

++wrapmini - Instruct a user to wrap their code.


Description: ReWizard is a utility bot for regex. It can find, replace, split, and test regular expressions.


Prefix: re!


re!find - Finds the first match of the given regex in the target.

re!find_all - Finds all matches of the given regex in the target.

re!help - Displays help information for the bot and the commands.

re!replace - Replaces all matches of the given regex in the target with a replacement.

re!split - Splits the target by the given regex.

re!valid - Tests whether the given regex is valid.


Description: StandupBot is a bot that controls the standup channel. It enforces a strict message format. Once you have successfully sent a message you will no longer be able to post in the standup channel for 20 hours.


Prefix: N/A




Description: SuggestionBot manages suggestions for the server. Send in your suggestion and we can put it to a vote!


Prefix: s!


s!suggest your suggest message here - Send in your suggestion message

Passive bots

Below are the bots you will see in the server but you will not need to interact with them. They automatically do their job!


Description: Clerky manages our voice group channels. If you join a voice group a new one will automatically be created for other people to use!



Description: EmbedBot allows staff to manage and post embed messages into various channels.



Description: Emourge tracks emote usage. We use this to help us identify the least used emotes incase we want to add some new ones!



Description: Hawk manages nickname prefixes & suffixes. It adds 🔨 to staff nicks and organises the occasional nick party!



Description: Nano manages our AMAs. Whenever someone is accepted for an AMA, we'll give them a run down of how it works.



Description: Skadi manages activity roles on the server.

Source: This source isn't publicly available. We don't want people trying to game the system.


Description: Slothbot manages slowmode across the server.



Description: Taboo makes sure only accepted file formats are uploaded.



Description: Watchdog guards the gates of our server against raids and bots.

Source: This source isn't publicly available.